Peacock Subscription and Change Plan

The series that has been able to run for more than ten years in a row is going to change the form of distribution. Does this have anything to do with business? Or is it just because Mr. Ishihara, who was involved in the production of the show, became the Governor of Tokyo? This fall, the first half of the series will be released as a set for a limited time. This is probably going to become a topic.

Is this going to be a first step towards the realization of a successful content business? I’ll give you people who can think about it from that angle some hints. Spread them around! Please make posts on the net! Remember when Mr. Ishihara was the Minister of Environment? He said that Japan has to change toward a content-oriented society, right? It turns out that that matter did not stop at just words. I’m worried about the future.

(TVGuide’s Mark Schilling)

Oizumi: Isn’t it perfect that Schilling is saying something closer to what we want him to say?

Nobita: What do you mean?

Oizumi: In the magazine, TV Guide is going to announce about the change in form of distribution. How does content-oriented society have anything to do with this? We are putting out Peacock at Tokyo International Film Festival. I wonder if this has anything to do with the government…

Nobita: What are you talking about? How does it have anything to do with the content-oriented society? Who cares about that distribution thingy!? Dammit, why didn’t they include any of my lines!!!

Gandhi: Shut up, Nobita! How many times do I have to tell you? You should act more like me! Stop being so emotional.

Nobita: Yeah, yeah.

Gandhi: Everyone, gather around. Read this article carefully and understand it fully!! Remember that you are all actresses performing at Tokyo International Film Festival’s Gala Premiere of ‘My Peacock’ directed by Mr. Ishihara.

(Nobita and Jyausan-kun reads the article.)

Doraemon: Hmm, this guy seems to have a different opinion from us…

Gandhi: Don’t worry about it! Nobody cares about his opinion!! He’s going to say whatever he wants! Just stick to what we planned earlier.

Doraemon: Ah, that’s right. Jyausan-kun, let’s go with Genda India (Gandhi with Indian dialect).

Nobita: Hey Doraemoooon…

Gandhi: I’m not Doraemoooon…

Nobita: Doraemoooon!!

Oizumi: Nobita, just do what you’re told.

Nobita: I’m sorry.

Gandhi: You should all memorize the lines we prepared earlier! Now let’s go and buy some medicine for Delhi belly on our way to Narita International Airport!!

Doraemon: Are you going to buy some medicine at the airport?

What is going on?

Every Saturday, a famous anime “Uchū Senkan Yamato 2202: Ai no Senshi-tachi” (hereafter referred as Uchū sen) will air at the 9 pm time slot. However, from October of this year until March next year, it is scheduled to be broadcast both every Saturday and Sunday 9 pm, as a split-cour. On the other hand, it is decided that from April of next year on, the broadcast will be only every Saturday at 9 pm.

In addition to this change, it has been decided that after starting from October 20th “Shin Yamato 2202: Ai no Senshi-tachi”, the Blu-ray & DVD for this fall part will be released as a set.

In other words, it means that “Uchū Sen 2202” is going to change its form of distribution from broadcasting series to release as a set every year. In addition, it will be broadcast as a split-cour next year and there are changes in both broadcasting time and the distribution form.


It is difficult to understand the reason for splitting the broadcast into two parts. However, it is clear that last year’s “Uchū sen” was not able to read very large numbers, with currently only 5 BD & DVDs sold in total.